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1-Level 42 - Something About You

2-Love and Money-Halleluiah Man + Best of

3-Chris Rea-On The Beach + Best Of

4-Dire.Straits-Ride Across the River +Best Of 

5-Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven + Best Of

6-Christopher Cross - Sailing

7-Queen-Who Wants To Live Forever + Best Of

8-The Cure - A Forest + best Of

9-Toto - I Will Remember + Best of

10-Simple Minds- belfast child Live with sheaned  oconors 

-11FGTH-The power of love + Best of 

-12 Marc Knopfler Sailing to Philadelphia

-13 Eric Serra Bo le grand Bleu

-14 Marillion-Kayleigh et Best of

-15 Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street + Best Of 

-16 Supertramp & david Gilmour - Brother Where You Bound

-17 Tears For Fears - Famous Last Words

-18 Bruce_Springsteen-Tougher_Than_The_Rest et Best of

-19 Guns N' Roses -November rain et best of

-20 Genesis - 02.Tonight, Tonight, Tonight et Best of

-21 pink Floyd Sorrow

-22 Rod Stewart Im Sailing

-23 The Cure Burn Bo the crow

-24 OMD Secret Maxi

-25 New Order true faith

-26 George Benson the sea

27 David Gilmour The Blue

28 David Bowie Loving The Alien + Best Of

29 FGTH Welcome to the Pleasur Down

30 The Cure Last Dance Sumeur

31 Nirvana Best Of

32- Simple Minds All the Think She said

33 FGTH RElax Maxi Live

34 Genesis Home By the Sea + Best Of

35 Marillion Best Of

36 Nirvana best of

37 Dan Ar Braz border of Salt

38 Depeche mode A Question of lust + best of

39 Queen remix radio gaga live wembley

40 Nel Diamond  Bo de Jonathan le goéland Megamix

41 Falco Jeanny